The Miss Black Don't Crack Pageant is created for older women of color that are

still fabulous! The Miss Natural Nation Co.  celebrates and honors women that have

taken pride in their  health, community, family and have beat the test of time.

Contestants in this pageant prove that Black truly does not  crack.


(Ages 30 & Up)  

1st Place:Miss Black Don't Crack Diamond

Winner Receives: Full Round Crown, Sash, Scepter, Dozen Red Roses,

Glass Trophy, Sponsored Gift Bags, Spa Certificate, MBDC Apparell and more!

2nd Place: Miss Black Don't Crack Gold 

Winner Receives: Crystal Crown, Sash, 1/2 Dozen Red Roses, 

Glass Trophy, Sponsored Gift Bags, MBDC Apparell

3rd Place: Miss Black Don't Crack Silver

Winner Receives: Crystal Crown, Sash, 1/2 Dozen Roses, Sponsored

Gift Bags, MBDC Apparell

Sub Titles

Miss Lifetime Beauty

(Ages 65 & Up)

Winner Receives: Crown, Dozen White Roses, Sash, Glass Trophy, Gift Bag,

MBDC Apparell

Miss Fine & Fit

Winner Receives: Tiara Red & White Rose, Sash, Gift Bag, MBDC Apparell

Miss Grey & Gorgeous

Winner Receives: Tiara, Red & White Rose, Sash, Gift Bag, MBDC Apparell

All remaining contestants will receive a white rose, gift bag and MBDC Apparell



Note: This is the "only" Miss Natural Nation Co. pageant that does

not prohibit un natural hair because of the age range. However,

natural hair is still a competition category. So please be advised

that your points in this category will be greater with natural hair. 

Judging Criteria

​Primary Titles

Cat Walk: 30 points

Business Attire: 30 points
Formal Attire: 30 points
Question: 10 points

Sub Titles

Sub title contestants are chosen via a representative or organization
that submits an entry form at each designated Miss Black Don't Crack interest meeting. 
or email a photo, bio and summary of why your contestant should hold one
of the sub titles to